Italia del Calcio Tea Towel


We believed that the perfect tea towel did not exist until our friend Mike found this beauty hanging in a shop in Lake Garda and instantly called me to let me know. The towel itself features a super-retro illustration from the ’80s by an artist that no-one can seem to track down. Anyway, it features some teams which no longer exist, the statue of David doing keepie-uppies, a football pitch with one player short on each side, someone doing the worst overhead kick I’ve ever seen and also a weird illustration just under Sardinia.

It may look mad, but this is one of the best selling items that we have ever stocked here at TRiCKETT and we couldn’t be happier about it. Our man Claudio screen-prints each one by hand and as a result, each and every one is different, which only adds to their charm. We have had some people frame them, one person bought loads and made a suit, one person made bed sheets and some people even use them to dry crockery… like that will ever catch on!

So go on and treat yourself to maybe one of the most ‘TRiCKETT’ items ever, however I’d probably recommend using Google Maps rather than this for directions.

Made in Italy.

100% Cotton.



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